Get to know us

Q-Tell is something that would surprise us?

Heidi - I have a word phobia. I literally cringe at most words involving 'fl' 'pl' sounds. My body has a physical reaction to it that makes me uncomfortable. Strange I know!

Karen - I'm not 38 lol!

Q-If hairdressing hadn't stolen your heart what else would you have done?

Heidi - That's hilarious, I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!  Maybe a science of some sort, I'm getting even more nerdy as I get older and my growing passion is for preserving our planet.

Karen - I already practice being a dietitian, physiotherapist, naturopath, general practitioner, numerologist, life coach.......I'm actually anything you want me to be........all while doing your hair, all care with absolutely no responsibility.

Q-If you could be a fictional character who would it be?

Heidi - This is embarrassing!  My first crush in life was Bart Simpson, I love how fun, naughty and nice he was, he danced on the edge of going too far but could always bring it back.  Rather than having a crush on him at 30 let's say I'd like to be him.....D'oh!

Karen - At one glance of my google search you would see Sherlock Holmes is my alter ego. I'm curious by nature and love to find answers.

Q-Can you fake any accents?

Heidi - Definitely not, They all come out Indian, except my Indian accent that sounds Welsh!!

Karen - Oh yes, I do a cracking Yorkshire accent much to Heidi's disbelief!!

Q- If you were to publish a book what would the title read?

Heidi - "I Watched This Documentary Once"

Karen - "How To Fake It Till You Make It" or "Google Search .Com"