Herringbone Hair Design - Hair Salon in Lane Cove

Karen and Heidi at Herringbone Hair Design give you more than just a hair cut. At the best hair salon in Lane Cove, the only thing better than the pampering and fun is the expert colour style and cut you’ll leave with.

The range of services at Herringbone Hair Salon match the philosophy the team live by - quality, fun and indulgence. The team’s experience is second to none. They consult style, what condition your hair is in and how you want it to look and feel. Then they expertly colour, style, cut and blow dry your hair to perfection.

However, it’s in amongst these high-quality hair services where the magic happens.

Its these little extras that makes Herringbone the best hair salon in Lane Cove. This is a typical journey of an appointment at Herringbone Hair Design:

  • When you first sit down you’re treated to a welcoming essential oil ritual to help you re-centre after arrival, complete temple, neck and shoulder massage;

  • Followed by a full consultation covering style, cut, colour and hair health, then;

  • Your choice of a range of boutique teas, Nespresso coffee or bubbles, then;

  • Alfaparf colour expertly applied (if your having colour), then;

  • Move across to the basin and relax into an oh-so-comfortable massaging chair while the colour is washed out with Alfaparf sulphate free shampoo, then;

  • An Alfaparf conditioning treatment is applied with a decadent scalp massage

  • Followed by a hot towel head wrap, which helps the treatment soak into your locks and your scalp relax while your hands and forearms are massaged, then;

  • Heading back to your chair for a skilled cut and styling with the finest products and hair drying techniques

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